How-To Sculpture Guides

Our clay sculpture guides help you follow along with our free Learn Sculpture videos. Patterns help you transfer the correct shape and size of your model parts to ensure your proportions are correct. There is also information about clay, armatures, mold making, and tools.

Barn Owl Sculpture Project Guide

Get our latest sculpture guide, the Barn Owl Sculpture Project Guide. Upon receiving your order, we’ll email you our 20+ page downloadable PDF booklet so you can follow along with the free videos at our YouTube channel,

Baby Elephant Lesson Part 1

Begin with simple geometric forms.

Baby Elephant Lesson Part 2

Learn how to join forms correctly.

Baby Elephant Lesson Part 3

Finish your baby elephant with details.

Baby Elephant Sculpture Project Guide

Get our very first project pattern guide, the Baby Elephant Sculpture Project Guide. Receive your downloadable PDF booklet to follow along with our free videos. Make a baby elephant and learn the basics of sculpting animals.