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Charles (Chuck) Oldham

Chuck Oldham sadly passed from this life in May 2014 at the age of 64. He was married to Vicky Oldham for over 39 years and together they created hundreds of sculptures for the fine gift industry and fine art galleries. Their series of instructional sculpture videos were posted online 2 years before Chuck’s passing, so he was able to see how the videos greatly helped and guided aspiring sculptors. A gallery of more of his amazing sculpture works and additional biographical details will be added soon. He would be thrilled to know what a huge impact his videos have had on so many—with over 2 million views and counting.

Vicky Oldham

Vicky and Chuck Oldham were married for over 39 years. Vicky worked alongside Chuck as an illustrator and sculptor since the age of 19. With Chuck’s guidance, Vicky created one of the largest selling figurines of all time for the Franklin Mint, a piece entitled Moonlight and Platinum. She also created top-selling figurines for Danbury Mint, including the collection for Lena Liu.