Learn Sculpture Report

Video About Textures

I just uploaded the video about making textures in clay. It was the last video made with Chuck leading the instruction. I have felt so sad over the past years, I was not able to view it much. Now I know how much it can help people who are yearning to learn to sculpt. So look for that now!

Learn Sculpture Report

New Website for Learn Sculpture

We are back after a long absence. I will explain why.

Since 2012, we have had over 2 million views of our videos at

Wow! That is so hard to imagine! As it turns out:

  • We have the number one presence on the internet for the topic, “learn sculpture.”
  • People who never sculpted ever before have been encouraged to try. Some have shared their results and they have been amazing. That is AWESOME!

So why did the LearnSculpture.Org website disappear for over 5 years? The answer is sad beyond measure… master sculptor Charles Oldham, the sculptor of our enormously popular videos and my husband of over 39 years, passed away in May of 2014 from a chronic lung illness.

I worked alongside Charles Oldham (Chuck to family and friends) for over 39 years, and became a sculptor in my own right thanks to his guidance and constant belief in my ability. So, to the best of my ability, I will continue the legacy, knowing how much joy and inspiration it has brought to others: those hoping to become artist, or those just looking for something fun to do and share. Whatever the reason, there is always a need for art in the world as it brings us joy and hope no matter what.