The Plaster Model – for porcelain or bronze

Today, I did a live stream on the topic of plaster models, specifically a large plaster model that was intended for both porcelain and bronze. In storage for many years, I unpacked the damaged plaster model used to mold and cast “The Gift.” A mother and child sculpture by Chuck Oldham, the piece was originally created for a small edition of individually-made studio porcelains. It was later produced in bronze. Old, degraded lacquer is peeling from the plaster and it is badly damaged in a number of places. The baby is missing a finger. I’ll be showing how to properly repair this plaster model so the remaining bronze editions can eventually be cast. If you’d like to watch the live stream from today, here is the link:

Live stream, March 1, 2021. Please share and subscribe!

By Vicky Oldham

Natural history enthusiast, professional artist 35+ years.

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