Barn Owl Sculpture Project Guide

There’s a new project underway! Make an original barn owl sculpture in clay at the Learn Sculpture YouTube Channel. Follow along in my live-streaming lessons online at Imagine you can achieve your own signature portrayal of this beautiful and wise owl known the world over—from miniature up to life-size!

You can work along with me and do a small version of the barn owl, or use the patterns for the life-size version. It may all depend on how much clay you have on hand, but now you can learn by doing as well as watching. I hope to help lots of people and kids gain confidence with clay modeling so once they do a project like this, they realize they can make anything they want. The Barn Owl Sculpture Project Guide includes patterns up to life-size to help you measure correct proportions of the owl as you follow along. Find it here:

Let me know what you think, and please think of questions to ask during our live stream at youtube/learnsculpture.

By Vicky Oldham

Natural history enthusiast, professional artist 35+ years.

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