Sculpture Workshop:

Learn Sculpture with Charles Oldham

Learn how to transform basic geometric forms into realistic-looking sculptures. (Secrets of Sculpture Realism Revealed!)

Sculpture by Charles Oldham
In this sculpture workshop, students can learn basics of sculpting, including a human figure or animal.

Sculptor Charles "Chuck" Oldham (voted one of 8 "Titans of Bronze" by Arizona Art Life Magazine, 12 years head wildlife sculptor and sculptor of Presidential and Head-of-State gifts for Cybis) will help each student individually create something that's sure to surpass their expectations — especially if it's a first attempt at sculpting!

Students learn:

~ how to get to the look they want fast, starting with sectioning and shaping basic forms
~ how to create true proportional relationships and overcome optical illusions
~ best ways to merge forms for sculpture integrity
~ how to use tools to create smooth details and special effects

... along with individual attention to each student's work-in-progress.

PRICE: $95, 3 hours ($65 for previous students)

Modeling clay (non-toxic, oil based), tools and workshop materials -- ALL INCLUDED WITH THE PRICE OF THE COURSE! TAKE YOUR SCULPTURE, CLAY, AND TOOLS HOME WITH YOU!


Send check or money order to: 

Charles Oldham, Trade Winds Advertising, P.O. Box 15663, Fernandina Beach, FL 32035
or pay securely online with PayPal. 

We appreciate your registration and payment at least 1 week prior to class date to ensure clay and tools are available for all students.

(When you pay with PayPal, please note our company name is Trade Winds Advertising Inc.)


Cost of Workshop:
Date of Workshop:

Contact: Charles Oldham, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 904-432-8398.


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