Lesson 1 - Beginning Clay Modeling
Learn to sculpt in clay with professional sculptor Charles Oldham as he takes you step by step through this first, fun and easy scupture project. Charles (Chuck) Oldham began sculpting when he was just 4 years old after watching an older neighborhood boy create a simple clay sculpture. "It was as if a lost memory was triggered" he remembers while watching the small model come together right before his eyes. For Chuck, that was the start of hundreds of sculptures, mostly animals. His first clay model is the subject of this first sculpture lesson.

Even if you can't imagine becoming good at sculpting, watching Chuck work will help you advance because he presents the entire process in simple steps. Working from the ground up, he demonstrates how to build shape upon shape and blend it all together into a final piece.

Press the "Play" button in the center to watch the video.  Be sure to turn up your speakers!

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